I Hate My Job! Help Please

You spent four grueling years in school and you eventually earned your college degree. In between the complicating world of dating and last minute exam preparation, you managed to learn a thing or two in your college program. Once you finished college, you squashed those interviews and got yourself the job that you always wanted. You’re making good money and moving up the ladder. There’s only one problem: you hate your damn job!

What can you do if you hate your job?

After speaking with many friends that hate their jobs or left jobs that they hate, I came up with this list. Below are tips for those that hate their current job but feel stuck:

Take a vacation/sabbatical.

Sometimes what you really need is to clear your mind. A vacation can be week a week or two away from work (preferably laying on the beach or experiencing something new). A sabbatical can be an extended leave where you try something new for six months or so. Tim Ferriss would call this a “mini-retirement.” The whole idea here is to take small retirements throughout your career as opposed to one retirement at the end of your career (usually at age 65).  Read More…

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  1. This is why i tell people to try starting a business after amassing enough money in their accounts. It keeps peoples sanity.

    But i think most people are afraid to take a chance and fail. ANd rightfully so since most businesses fail in their first year.

  2. I think it is about knowing youself. Most people get a job just to have money in their pocket and not because it would make them happy emotionally. This is why 8/10 people end up hating their jobs.

  3. A good alternative as the article suggests is to start a side business.

    That is what i did. Your brain gets to do something it actually enjoys and on the plus side if it takes off you can quit your day job.

  4. And here i thought i was going to read about a special magic pill i could take to solve my problems. Ah well!

  5. @carey so you’ve quit and still hate your job? Sounds like its not the job as it is the attitude of just working.

  6. I can get away with sitting in the bathroom all day long having a puff and no one will know i am gone. And at the end of the day i get a paycheck for it.

  7. I think everyone hates their job at some point but it is a necessary evil to pay the bills. So man up and get back to work.

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