Provinces win control of in-vitro fertilization in Supreme Court challenge

A divided Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the right of the provinces to regulate in-vitro fertilization.

But the court said the federal government is within its rights in banning cloning and human hybrids.

The court issued a divided advisory opinion Wednesday that grappled with the “weighty moral concerns” of assisted reproduction. It upheld, in part, a 2008 Quebec Court of Appeal decision that declared Ottawa overstepped itself in asserting its right to regulate the use of human sperm, eggs and embryos.

The court split 4-4-1 with Justice Thomas Cromwell offering the determining view in what amounted to a complex analysis of the time-honoured constitutional rights of provinces to control health care.  Read More…

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  1. @sam in that scenario male-male combinations would be able to have male and female children. Female-female combinations could only have female children.

    Just one of the interesting facts of genetics.

  2. Would be cool to see one day when science is able to take the 23-pair chromosomes of one gender and combine it with another person of the same gender (e.g. male-male, and female-female).

  3. I’ve found that religious folks are most against it because it gives same sex female couples to have children.

  4. History shows in vitro has had many lab mix-ups and it would be sad to think that it was discovered what you thought was your brother/sister was a stranger.

  5. IVF has advanced considerably and for people to still be fearful is silly.

    Not everyone is looking to be another Octo-mom and cash in on her fame.

  6. I want my trout/pig hybrid pet! I’d call him Dinner and call it a day. The future looks bright!

    Ive got my fork and knife in hand, and bib on stand-by.

  7. “Assisted reproduction raises weighty moral concerns,” — wtf? How else are young mothers who cant have children the natural way going to do it?

  8. It will be a matter of time when human hybrids and cloning will be legal. Where there is money to be had regulations will always be laxed. You’ll see!

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