WikiLeaks Putting Lives at Risk

The State Department has warned the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks that its expected release of classified U.S. documents would endanger countless lives, jeopardize American military operations and hurt international cooperation on global security issues. The department’s top lawyer urged WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a letter Saturday to keep classified documents off the website, remove records […]


I Hate My Job! Help Please

You spent four grueling years in school and you eventually earned your college degree. In between the complicating world of dating and last minute exam preparation, you managed to learn a thing or two in your college program. Once you finished college, you squashed those interviews and got yourself the job that you always wanted. […]


Body Scanners Coming to Canadian Airports

Dozens of body scanners will be installed in Canadian airports to comply with new U.S. security protocols, the federal government confirmed Tuesday. Rob Merrifield, minister of state for transport, said 44 scanners ordered on Tuesday will be used on passengers selected for secondary screening at Canadian airports. CBC News has confirmed that the machines, which […]


N.S. Payday Loans Under Microscope

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board is taking another look at the way payday loan companies do business and will examine the issue at hearings scheduled to begin Monday in Halifax. The board will determine whether the companies are charging too much to borrow money. In Nova Scotia, they can charge up to $31 […]