Provinces win control of in-vitro fertilization in Supreme Court challenge

A divided Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the right of the provinces to regulate in-vitro fertilization. But the court said the federal government is within its rights in banning cloning and human hybrids. The court issued a divided advisory opinion Wednesday that grappled with the “weighty moral concerns” of assisted reproduction. It upheld, in […]


WikiLeaks: Prentice was ready to curb oilsands

Former environment minister Jim Prentice told U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson that he was prepared to step in and impose tougher regulations on the oilsands if the industry damaged Canada’s green reputation, according to a cable released by WikiLeaks. “[Prentice] noted that if industry did not take voluntary measures and if the provincial government did not […]

Personal Finance

How to Solve a Debt Problem

There’s little debate that the financial problems we face, both collectively in terms of the economy, and individually in terms of our personal finances, are rooted in debt. We have major balance sheet issues at the public, private and sovereign level. The markets have rebounded significantly, but the real economy has demonstrated a much more […]


Gun tracing regulations delayed third time

The Harper government has once again delayed implementation of regulations that police say they need to quickly trace guns used in crimes. The government quietly posted a notice last Tuesday — one day before the firearms marking regulations were to have come into force — disclosing that implementation has been postponed until Dec. 1, 2012. […]