Canada Post Union Readies For Strike

The union representing Canada Post workers has told its members to prepare for a strike amid stalled negotiations with the Crown corporation. However, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUP-W) says it did not plan to submit a 72-hour strike notice Sunday and said there will be no strike action on Wednesday. The union’s national […]


7 Ideas to Cut Cost this Summer

As summer approaches many of us wish we’d started saving a lot earlier for a summer holiday.  Even so this doesn’t mean you can’t get away. You might not get three weeks in the south of France, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can put together a memorable vacation on any […]


5 Ways to Clear Financial Obstacles

Do you have financial goals that you just haven’t been able to achieve? Maybe you’ve always wanted to set up a budget, but you just haven’t found the time. Maybe you want to learn more about investing or economics, but you just don’t know where to start. Before you know it years pass by, you’re […]


Harper Majority May Be One-Hit Wonder

The majority government won by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday could be his one and only, according to a focus group of Canadian voters. A collection of factors allowed for the Conservatives to decisively win 167 seats in the spring election that saw the Bloc Québécois virtually wiped off the map and the Liberals […]


WikiLeaks Cable Notes Harper’s Senate ‘About-Face’

WikiLeaks released hundreds of U.S. documents on Thursday, including those with comments about the Harper government’s “about-face” on Senate appointments, remarks on the Liberals’ “muted” response to the prorogation crisis and criticism of Canada’s failure to enact copyright reform. A leaked cable from December 2008 suggests that U.S. Embassy officials in Ottawa saw Stephen Harper’s […]