Canadian homes and businesses will start receiving mail again Tuesday now that legislation forcing 48,000 locked-out postal workers back to their jobs has become law, Canada Post says. Post offices that were closed during the labour dispute will start to reopen Tuesday as well, while mailboxes will be unsealed startingContinue Reading

Private courier services are salivating at all the business they’re getting because of the Canada Post lockout. The industry has noted an increase in sales during the 10-day conflict. The beneficiaries include Purolator Quebec/Atlantic, a subsidiary of Canada Post itself. “Our delivery volumes increased by 16% across the country,” saidContinue Reading

Are you tired of going into a big store and not being able to find help? Retailers should treat you with respect when you try to spend your hard-earned money. Instead, they make you do all the work. You have to figure out where the stuff is located and howContinue Reading

There are five major  reasons employees don’t save for retirement, according to a Buck Consultants brief released Thursday.  As cited by Pensions World in February of this year (see Pensions Provision: Why save for retirement) they are: 1.) A fatalistic belief in the possibility of dying tomorrow 2.) An assumptionContinue Reading