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Why Millennials Need to Get Over Their Fear of Stocks

After coming of age during the worst economy since the Great Depression, many members of the Millennial Generation have become wary of the stock market. But by putting their money into so-called “safer” investments, these young people are actually putting their future retirements at a much greater risk. Over the past five years, many young […]

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How to Invest When Interest Rates Rise

Fixed income is considered by most investors to be the cornerstone of a well-constructed portfolio, usually through investment-grade bonds with laddered maturities. For more than 30 years, this has worked well, rewarding investors with a steady stream of income and well-preserved capital. But we now find ourselves at a well-covered inflection point of ultra-low returns […]

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Retirement Saving Should Be Realistic Not Idealistic

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. It requires thinking about long-term goals and it forces consideration of a more sensitive subject — one’s own mortality. An RBC study reports that only 52% of Canadian boomers actually put a plan on paper despite understanding its importance. However, they worry about it. According to a recent Investors […]