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RRSP Ages and Stages

Everyone knows it’s RRSP season, but what’s less obvious is how to best direct your contributions over the years. Different ages and life stages call for different strategies. There’s an overarching theme, though: anything you can put toward your retirement is a good thing. “When it comes to contributions, it’s a journey, not a sprint,” […]

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5 Signs of a Good Financing

Investors should generally dislike companies that issue stock because it’s better if they are self-financing and don’t need to dilute their shareholder base. However, companies do need to grow, and financing is one of the prime reasons the stock market exists in the first place. Rather than dismiss all financings, here are five points to […]

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5 Things Investors Can Ignore

One of the problems with investing is that there is simply too much information for investors to consider. In the old days (that is, pre-Internet), investors needed to take a long-term view. Now, mere seconds after a company’s quarterly release or other news event, millions of investors, analysts, economists and bloggers around the world can […]