The secrets to building wealth aren’t hidden behind locked doors in the realm of the rich. Plenty of wealthy people make disastrous financial mistakes. But those who succeed understand how to make their money work for them as well as how to take calculated risks. The current low-rate environment ofContinue Reading

Due diligence in investments, which involves both quantitative and qualitative work, is similar to security checks in air travel in the sense that how much work is done, and the attention with which it is executed can make the difference between getting on something well-conceived and well-run and something potentiallyContinue Reading

Investment books you should read

Notwithstanding the protestations of anyone who believes that surfing the Internet is a proxy for actual learning, the real world is not teachable in 140 character increments. Therefore, I generally recommend to people who genuinely want to learn about the investing and capital markets that they embark on a programContinue Reading