Record high markets have our customers asking us questions every day such as: When will there be a correction in the market? What can I do to protect myself from it?

First of all, this sort of thinking can be detrimental to your portfolio. Corrections are part of the market, just as rallies are.

Trying to predict a correction is more or less impossible, but it also automatically puts you in a defensive posture. If you are constantly watching for negative signs, there is a good chance many good stocks will pass right on by, because you won’t be attuned to their positive attributes.  Read More…


  1. Corrections happen all the time. By spending too much time worrying when it may or may not happen is sure to result in lost opportunities.

    Doing your research is all you need to do to sleep comfy at night.

  2. Tick tock. No one really knows when but we may see one this year if my calcuations are right. I’ve been doing trading for decades and this seems about right. I’ve pulled enough of my profits that i can weather the correction this year.

    Hope you all have prepared too.

  3. Nah i dont agree with the 5 reasons. If one were to be this paranoid one wouldn’t be focused on rebalancing their portfolio but looking to bail constantly.

  4. This is why i put my money in a high-saving account (3%) and not concern myself over these headaches. 🙂

  5. TSX is at record highs and so is the DOW. History shows corrections are around the corner. Just look at the trends. But it also shows that things will slowly inching back up and stay that way. So don’t worry.

  6. My concern is the real estate market and how it will affect the other stocks. It’s a domino effect and our real estate has been on the verge of taking a dive.

  7. The article mentions you pay taxes when you sell but it fails to mention that this only applies if it is not in a registered account. Just thought i’d add that.

  8. There wont be a correction for another 5 years if at all. This isn’t the US.

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