Picking the Best Stocks

Markets have indeed been strange for some time now. Most investors are confused about whether to sell, or buy, or panic, or just go to cash and avoid the craziness.

However, if you think more closely about things, you might come to the conclusion that markets are always strange. Investors and the market are just not … normal. Why do we say this? Let’s look at five reasons why markets and investing are just plain weird compared with other industries.  Read More…


  1. It’s an incredibly fascinating world the stock market is. I remember getting into it when i was young. Maybe around 19. Although i am not going to lie and say it was a bit boring and evne at times overwhelming i eventually got really hooked into it and ultimately became a day trader.

    Those 5 points are pretty accurate. I could list another 20 if i had the time.

  2. Personally, i find it is only weird to those who have little experience in it. There are far stranger things than the five reasons listed.

  3. Probably the reason why i don’t invest in stocks and just go ole fashion GIC’s. 🙂

    I can’t stomach the anxiety.

  4. Funny. I remember reading the NYTimes article how they literally got a group of non-traders in a room to shoot darts on the financial section. This is how they picked stocks. They compared the results with real managers and found out they had outperformed them. That to me says the markets are plain weird.

  5. LOL! I never knew about the Quarter thing. That makes a tonne of sense when i think about it now. In ways then its saying that when you invest you shouldn’t panic and think long term since its possible many companies are, and not about hitting quarterly expectations.

  6. Today most brokerages are offering advisor bots. It’s the new craze. Nah, no one is an expert. Just do your own research eg study prospectuses and you are all set.

  7. I like the 4th reason about bad news is good news.

    I cant tell you how many times in the past where i would be so reluctant to jump in and then soon after begin to eat my hat in regret because i waited too late. I learned to realize, as the article said, to only jump in when you are feel nervous, not when everyone is happy.

  8. What i find strange is why the NYSE still has people making trades in pits? Surely it has no real purpose now that computers are so dominant. Maybe they keep it for tradition sake but then that implies it is more just a spectacle, you know, for sightseers to come and see (and take pictures) — not for actual trading? Nasdaq is all computerized so i don’t understand.

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