7 Ways to Simplify Your Investments

Investing doesn’t have to be difficult. Eliminating complicated investments can make your portfolio easier to manage and could even boost your returns. Automating your finances can also make it easier to save money and track your investments. Here are seven ways to make investing simple.

1. Consider a robo advisor. Automated online investment management platforms or robo advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront can make investing incredibly simple because they automate asset allocation, rebalancing, dividend reinvestment and even tax-loss harvesting. These programs typically start by determining your risk tolerance through a questionnaire and then build an investment portfolio to match it.  Read More…


  1. Maybe i am in the minority but i’ve alwayus thoguht it was easy to keep it simple from the sheer fact that the entire field is complicated as you can get. I just invest in the things i know and don’t panic on the first sign of trouble.

  2. It’s really wonderful to have online paths to investing because in my day we had to call up our brokers on the phone and go to their office to put in an order.

    Wow things have really changed.

  3. You know you are paying too much to brokers when a automated robot can do the asset management with ease and similar-to-better performance.

  4. It’s all about diversifcation. You keep your portfolio diversified you don’t need to worry to much.

  5. The second point in the article is correct. You dont need many mutual funds to cover the entire range of markets. This is what i have done for several years and its paid off handsomely. 🙂

  6. I just wish there was a way to better connect investments activity to tax preparation. There seems to be a bit of a disconnect.

  7. Ok i read the entire list and so to sum it all up: If there are autmated routes to take then use them to make your life easier. Do i have it right?

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