For US homeowners, mortgage interest is automatically tax deductible. But for Canadians, the write-off is not so straightforward. In order to make your mortgage interest tax deductible, homeowners must be able to prove that the money is being reinvested and is not being used for personal expenses. A properly structuredContinue Reading

When it comes to the capital markets, information overload is a very distinct reality for most people, including ourselves. From countless websites and blogs dedicated to stocks, options, mutual funds, hedge funds, personal finance etc. etc. to print media and television, how can one not be inundated with too muchContinue Reading

According to a national poll released today for Manulife Financial that measured how Canadians say they felt about investing in 11 different categories and vehicles, the survey recorded declines in all categories and vehicles, showing the largest quarterly drop for stocks, which fell back 15 points, coming to rest atContinue Reading

Historically, the CAD/USD exchange rate has tracked crude prices reasonably well. Using weekly data going back to 1983, the two series have a 67% correlation. In recent weeks, however, the Canadian has broken out and is powering towards parity with its American counterpart. In contrast, crude oil prices have languishedContinue Reading

The latest stock market turmoil, in the fourth quarter of 2008 when stocks declined significantly, has left retail investors with a larger challenge than ever before. Many feel let down by their advisors, mutual funds, and the financial industry structure that is supposed to help them. Is it possible forContinue Reading