Credit card chips

From all the grumpiness over the “EMV” chip-card transition, you’d think that the circuitry embedded in our new credit cards delivered a small electric shock every time you inserted one into a terminal at a check-out counter. Customers say they don’t like chip cards because you have to leave themContinue Reading

Canadian Consumer Debt Still Rising

Canadian households will close out 2015 carrying thicker layers of debt after worrisome gains over the past 12 months — extra padding that’s expected to get even fatter in the new year. But even with the borrowing binges, many experts still believe the finances of most Canadians remain in decentContinue Reading

Holiday bonus ways to use

More than half of employers (54%) said they planned to give holiday bonuses in 2015, up from 47% in 2014, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. (Sadly, only 14% plan to give more than last year.) If you happen to be one of their lucky employees, perhaps you’re wonderingContinue Reading