I’m sure this isn’t a new topic among financial authors, bloggers and investors but over the weekend I couldn’t help but want to express my…how should I say it…utter disgust with how British Petroleum (BP), in all levels, has handled the Deep Water incident since news broke back on April 20th.

As a value investor I’m inclined to look at stocks that are cheap, out of favour and without bright prospects because of bad news, poor earnings or other qualitative factors that don’t directly affect the earnings potential or intrinsic value of the company in relation to what I’m paying in the market.  Read More…


  1. Imagine if this happened off the coast of New Brunswick. A change a comin’ in Canada. BP is lucky it happened off the coast of America where big business owns the joint.

  2. Clean up? What clean up. It’s only when a disaster occurs when the people have to have their retirement savings raided by the government.

  3. And the oil continues to spill each day. The only thing BP cares about is the lost revenue from all that oil spilling.

  4. Where is the controlled regulatory process. It’s rediculous that these companies can get away with this thing all the time.

  5. Environmental groups are recommending that they kill the animals rather than try to wash them. Washing it turns out is futile and the animals end up dying anyway.

  6. Saw a bird cough up oil today. Totally gross!

  7. Free oil…bring your own barrel.

  8. Unless there is strong regulation this event will happen again and again. Sadly BP will not change and neither will anyone else.

  9. Love the picture.

  10. Was watching Al Jesera the other day and saw some disturbing pictures of animals dying in the region. You’d never see those on corporate owned U.S. televisions.

  11. The system is broken when folks at British Petro can make the largest environmental disaster in history and stick the american people with the bill. Glad i’m not American.

  12. BP is a total disgrace. But are they any different of any other company when a environmental disaster happens? Before it was Exon, then it was Enron, now its BP. Different name, same disgust.

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