Canada Post Promises Mail Delivery

Canadian homes and businesses will start receiving mail again Tuesday now that legislation forcing 48,000 locked-out postal workers back to their jobs has become law, Canada Post says.

Post offices that were closed during the labour dispute will start to reopen Tuesday as well, while mailboxes will be unsealed starting Monday, the Crown corporation said.

The announcement came Sunday night, shortly after the government’s back-to-work-bill received royal assent.  Read More…


  1. It’s about bloddy time!

  2. Why would someone even bother to deliver mail in this manner? Seems like a waste of tax dollars to have such a service. Everything should be privatized. And let the free market deal with it.

  3. This is why i have not used CP for at least 10 years. All my mail, if i cant do it electronically (e.g. fax) will go through Federal Express.

  4. I am a member of CUPW and this deal stinks. But things werent going well at the table so this will have to do.

    My family needs to eat so i am glad to be going back to work.

  5. Although things will get back to normal now that the House has passed the bill however dont expect things to be tip top shape for weeks if not months.

    There are numerous backlogs of letters still waiting to be dealt with.

  6. Most people deliver mail via e-mail or via Facebook so its not really a concern for people in their 20s.

  7. I am not sure who won in this fight. Conservatives for forcing lower benefits or the workers for getting their jobs back. I think it stinks but this is why we need NDP in power.

  8. Honestly, i didnt even know they were on strike all this time. I rarely if ever use Canada Post.

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