Based on the amount of feedback I decided to post this older video from Global on the matter of “pot”.  I didn’t realize it was so widespread in this country and its worth a discussion on whether it should be officially legalized for personal enjoyment.


  1. Well that kinda makes sense to be going after the drug dealers and not the actual users. But seeing as how the users could potentially harm people while they are high you’d think we’d do something to control that too.

  2. Word of advice never smoke pot, take asprin and beer at the same time. Worst mistake of my life.

  3. Although its illegal everyone tolerates it. The government focuses their attention on those who grow it or sell it, not those who use it. So although its fround upon i doubt if you smoked it you will face any time at all.

  4. PM Harper way back in 2007 if i recall introduced a anti drug bill that made it difficult for dealers. Not sure if it passed though. I remember back in the 90s when the Liberals tried to pass a law to legalize it..didnt happen.

  5. Maybe its because someone pulled a joke on you and you weren’t smoking actual pot….maybe someone’s a**

  6. Funny i tried pot a month back and didn’t much enjoy it. Got an awful headache afterward. Maybe i am doing something wrong?!

  7. I’d smoke a joint to that!

  8. Let’s call it by its real name: Cannabis. In Ontario it’s illegal to possess it but as you can see everyone is so comfortable that they will smoke it on the daily national tv news. When it gets like this there is no way it is going to be enforced and taken off the streets.

  9. Although it is illegal in Canada it is very openly accepted and used by the general public.

    Several buddies overseas come here once a month solely for this.

  10. You must be living in a shack if you didn’t know it was common. I smoking one right now.

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