Research and development spending by industry is expected to increase in 2011 — the first time in four years that has happened in Canada.

“The 2011 industrial R&D spending intentions suggest that recovery is underway after three consecutive years of declining R&D spending that occurred across almost all industrial sectors,” said a Statistics Canada report Friday.

Businesses in Canada planned to spend $15.6 billion on industrial research and development in 2011. That is five per cent higher than the $14.9 billion they had planned to spend in 2010, but still below the $16.8 billion they spent in 2007.  Read More…


  1. I work in the science research sector and i can say i’ve definitely felt growth. We are always hiring.

  2. Yea but who knows how long this will last. Seeing as how we are going into 2012 i am not so sure this will last for another year.

  3. Time to dust the school books for a new career 🙂

  4. Now if we can get the other sectors moving too things would be great.

  5. Seeing as how the US is still in a slump its not hard to see that the US r&d sector is performing better than ours.

    So although we are doing well this is not an indication of good things for the rest of the economy.

  6. It’s about time Canada had some good news in the economy!

  7. If i recall the government subsidizes this sector heavily so i think its a bit of an illusion.

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