The vast majority of Canadians aren’t moving enough to reap fitness benefits, and sedentary living is especially a problem among young people, Statistics Canada reports.

Studies released Wednesday compared the physical activity levels of Canadian adults to those who are sedentary, and found only 15 per cent moved enough to get substantial health benefits. Research involving six- to 19-year-olds found only seven per cent were active enough to make health gains.

The findings, based on the 2007-09 Canadian Health Measures Survey, involve data on 2,800 adults, and 1,600 children and teenagers.  Read More…


  1. Oh great, so i’m told to eat healthy and drink plenty water and now i am suppose to take time to walk to keep my health up? So where’s the corporate endorsement for this too like it has occurred in the health food market and bottled water?

  2. I use my Wii Fit a ton for exercise! Is that exercise?

  3. This is very dangerous. WIthout activity it can produce all kinds of problems in the long term. Worst of all is the habit it builds into people to not bother to exercise which can be very difficult to break if it goes for decades.

  4. I doubt we will ever get as bad as the Americans. Fattest place on earth 🙂

  5. You can thank Nintendo, XBox, and Playstation for pretty much single-handedly increasing the obesity of this country.

  6. I find most people spend a lot of time online and when they arent they are sleeping. The internets and tv have made it much easier for people to just switch it on (the screen) and switch it off (the brain).

  7. Exercising just isnt fun. That is why i dont do it.

  8. Does playing video games count?

  9. @anna_p you make a very good point. My children are really into Facebook and for them anything that calls for them to take a break from it will be met with tears and frustrations.

  10. With the continued obsession with Social Media online more and more kids are finding less of a reason to get out and exercise.

    Why leave the home when everything you need is at your fingertips?

  11. And this is a surprise to who?

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