Canadians brace for higher health costs: poll

Canadians are concerned their quality of health care will decline from the strain posed by aging baby boomers, a new poll suggests.

The Canadian Medical Association carried out the poll as part of its annual report card focused on access to health-care services.

Nearly three quarters of Canadians surveyed agreed urgent changes to the health-care system are needed to provide today’s level of care to the baby boom generation.

“This year our report card shows young adult Canadians are bracing for increased health-care costs in the future,” said CMA president Dr. Anne Doig.  Read More…


  1. too late

  2. Canadians will be out with pitchforks and torches the day they touch our health care.

  3. I have to agree with you. Seeing how much the American counterparts are making lucrative killings in the insurance industry is it no wonder we are starting see new concerns over rising health costs?

  4. It reads more like an excuse to hike prices so people can get rich.

  5. I have been saying this for years and our system needs a course correction or we are going to run out of money and the only way to fix it will be to increase costs.

  6. Compared to the U.S. we are in Utopia.

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