Smartphone cellular contracts

Canada’s competition watchdog told the broadcast regulator how it would overhaul cellphone contracts, including doing away with hidden fees and misleading claims designed to make it harder to switch carriers and keep prices high. In a submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Competition Bureau laid out changesContinue Reading

A slew of streaming music services have come to Canada, and more are likely on the way, but while tech-savvy consumers seem to enjoy listening to music online, relatively few want to pay. There are more than a dozen competitors to choose from in Canada, including free radio-style options suchContinue Reading

Trade Dispute

Statistics Canada has compiled their latest trade deficit numbers against the world for Canada revealing a marked $2 billion milestone in November from $552 million back in October.  The rise is due primarily to the fall in exports by 0.9% and the continued increase in imports (climbing 2.7%). With electronicsContinue Reading

Almost half of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque, a new survey has found. But that number is down from last year. According to a Canadian Payroll Association poll, 47% of Canadians live payday to payday in 2012, reporting they would struggle if their paycheque was delayed by even one week.Continue Reading

Canada’s economy expanded at a 1.8 per cent annual pace during the last quarter, the same growth seen at the start of the year and slightly better than what economists were expecting. Statistics Canada said Friday that an increase in business investment was the biggest factor contributing to growth. EconomistsContinue Reading

Canada’s banks are solid, but their service seems to be slipping. After keeping fees stable for awhile, banks are raising charges on a variety of services. Interest rates on lines of credit are being adjusted. At the same time, banks are reporting record profits and senior executives are earning compensationContinue Reading

Stocks, the Canadian dollar and commodities all soared Friday in the wake of an agreement among European leaders to a set of prescriptions for their debt crisis. But analysts questioned how long the rally would hold. In Toronto, the S&P/TSX composite index closed up 171.86 points, or 1.5 per cent,Continue Reading

Canada’s unemployment rate held steady at 7.3 per cent in May following two months of large gains. Statistics Canada said Friday the economy created 7,700 new jobs last month. That wasn’t enough to move the employment rate one way or the other, although it was slightly ahead of the 5,000Continue Reading

Anti-oilsands activists hit back at recent criticism of foreign funding of environmental charities Thursday by releasing a report showing oilsands companies are overwhelmingly foreign-owned. ForestEthics Advocacy — a spin-off of ForestEthics, which is a registered charity — released a shareholder analysis conducted using Bloomberg statistics that found 71 per centContinue Reading