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When was the last time you went credit card shopping? No, I don’t mean when was the last time you went shopping and paid for it with your credit card. I mean, when was the last time you went shopping for a credit card? If you’ve been using the same credit card for a number of years, it might pay to take a look at what new card offers are available. Warning: credit cards are not for everyone. If you’re carrying a balance on your credit card, the best thing you can do is cut it up and pay it off as soon as possible. While credit cards have advantages, they can also lead to serious trouble.  Read More…


  1. And therein lies the challenge of finding a great credit card. Most cc’s do a bait and switch on ya.

    For example with Citi i had this awesome crard but after the promo 10 months they spiked my rates without telling me and threatened to take my massive rewards haul if i didnt stay with them.

    Always read the fine print! 🙁

  2. Maybe i am living in a bubble cuz i didn’t know credit cards had such cool stuff. It might be cuz i am only 18 and so my options are limited. :$

    Are the same type of cards the article talks about available for someone like me?

  3. Just the other day i signed up with MBNA for their long running 0% rate @ 18-months. And this is from someone who doesnt have that great a credit profile so they seem way easy about handing out this thing.

    I doubt anyone will be able to beat that rate.

  4. Some nice points in the op. When i was young i was so naive that when the first card say Yes i was like “that’s so sweet” and felt like i was special and stayed hooked with them. I’ve had the same card since school and they dont give me any benefits.

    I am afraid of getting mroe cards or dropping my old one because i think it will hurt my credit score.

  5. Bad idea! These serves as potentials to take on debt that most of us can’t live with. Yes these rewards and lower rates are enticing but from my experience they are more bad than good.

  6. All good things never last. Shopping for the right card is a lesson of futility, my friends.

    Best to learn the proper methods of arbitrage and let these big banks pay you instead of the other way around! Just saying.

  7. Tis the season to get on spending! Awesome read! I was looking around for options and found this place to get my chops polished for the xmas season. Might be a good time to open my box and see what the mailman’s junk of offers is in it. I always just dumped it without looking but maybe afer reading this there might be stuff worth reading.

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