Tax-free income

If you want more income, one of the first places you can explore is real estate investment trusts (REITs). They own portfolios of properties that are diversified geographically and across many tenants. Some are diversified across asset types as well.

Most importantly, many REITs pay juicy distributions that can help you pay your bills.

Here are a couple of ideas.

NorthWest Health Prop Real Est Inv Trust (TSX:NWH.UN) owns 120 healthcare properties with an asset mix of 61% in medical office buildings and 39% in hospitals.  Read More…


  1. It still amazes me that the REIT market here in Canada is still pulling in qualtiy returns year-over-year when, to be honest, i thought it would bust 3 years ago.

    I still am hesitant to jump in but maybe my concerns were unfounded. I might add some.

  2. Any tax benefits in holding them in registered retirement accounts over TFSA?

  3. As long as the reit doesnt have U.S. holdings, @eric or get ready for IRS withholding tax. I dont think its recoverable in a tfsa too. So make sure its all Canadian.

  4. So in summation buy REIT’s and hold then in a TFSA. Easy enough.

  5. Yup, welcome to the wonderful world of tfsa and distrubted income.

  6. As long as one’s diversification ratio is spread enough it seems only logical to have REITs in there too.

  7. Do these types of stocks carry MER% like funds?

  8. Wow that NWH.UN (NorthWest Health) seems interesting. I was wondering where to park some available funds. I will do some more reading on management before committing. Thx!

  9. Curious because the biotech sector is up would buying REIT’s that focus in biotech property be good? Does that even exist?

  10. I’d prefer to not have real estate. I’m thinking more tech blue chips since Canada is trying real hard under Trudeau to see Canada have more BlackBerry success stories (yes, before they collapsed due to Apple).

  11. Lol and they were saying the Vancouver bubble was about to burst. Clearly they were wrong. Big time!

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