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Financial Reboot

One of the major tricks I learned when I was an I.T. dude, was how easy it was to fix problems if you told your customer, “Have you rebooted your system lately?”. I also knew this drove my customers nuts, but it worked most of the time, and they had to then go away, and I usually had a good chuckle.

When I was at the Maundy Thursday service at my Church during Holy Week, it ends with a complete stripping of the alter and the turning off all the lights in the Church, effectively ending the Church year, and then on Easter morning, this is the start of a new year, effectively a spiritual reboot.

Restart Financially?

This strikes me as a useful idea for those who may be stuck in a financial rut, or feel they are drowning in their own financial plans. I am not espousing declaring bankruptcy or walking away from your financial issues (that is the ultimate financial reboot, and should really be a solution of last resort), but I am saying that maybe a reboot in your financial thinking is needed?  Read More…

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  1. Bo says:

    They should teach about managing ones finances in school. Maybe as early as elementary. Cut at the root of the problem.

  2. Jaquan M says:

    Hahaha, when was the last time a system reboot actually fixed a system? The likely problem is spyware infections which can’t be resolved by a simple reboot. I think most times people who dont know how to fix their computer will always try rebooting first.

  3. Aman B says:

    The problem with the idea of restarting and taking a new look at ones situation is that the underlying problem likely still presists and in time a similar disaster might be just around the corner. A “reboot” is one step but a look in the mirror is the biggest step of them all.

  4. Karter Karns says:

    One of the last things anyone should ever consider as a financial reboot is to file for bankruptcy. Doing so will destroy your credit, among other things. It’s a fresh start but could put you back several years (at least 5). I’ve been down that road and its not a good thing if you can avoid it.

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