Monday is the day of love, but if you are one of 1.4 million unemployed Canadians, chocolates and flowers may be the last thing on your mind.

Two weeks ago, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty spoke pessimistically in the House of Commons about employment prospects in 2011. He said the best we could hope for was more of the same, i.e. unemployment rate in the range of 7.6 per cent. Days later the rate crept up to 7.8 per cent.

Media and expert analysis placed a positive spin on the higher figure, explaining it as a result of new job seekers, those who had previously given up looking and were now feeling more optimistic. Optimism, real or imagined, tends to sbe good for an economy.

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  1. Lots of booze and lot of time.

  2. There are plenty of jobs everywhere. Its when you start thinking you cant get any before trying that it gets at you and you Really get down. I’ve been there. Not a good place to be.

  3. I guess this could be a problem for those who dont plan for a rainy day and just spend their cheques each chance they get on a new big screen tv.

  4. And that is why the government hands out EI and why we pay into it. Coping with job loss is not necessary.

  5. Good time to start a business.

  6. Yea i remember some people got layed off at work and they got so pissed that they smashed framed pictures before exiting the building. I thought it was a good day because i could now go out and get another job that i did like.

  7. Most people end up getting so down on themselves they just dont realize this can and WILL happen to everyone at least one time in their life. Man up!

  8. “Job loss ranks as one of the most difficult events on can experience”

    Really? Call me crazy but losing my family in a car accident ranks a bit higher.

  9. Thank god i have a job and dont have to worry about coping.

  10. Just get a new job and be done with it. duh!

  11. Good read. I think the government has done all it can to deal with unemployment and now it is just a matter of time.

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