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We’ve been getting a lot of requests to post this interactive infographic made available by the people of Newsweek.  It’s a very fascinating graph of all the countries of the world and how they rank according to Healthcare, education, economy, politics, and more.

As it stands Canada ranks #7 and the U.S. is at a measly #11.

Have a look and enjoy: Interactive Infographic


  1. @doomed = actually Conservatives, although they are the ruling party, are not the majority. They are in the minority because ther Majesty’s loyal opposition has more seats.

    Right now the opposition has forced a reelection. Here is hoping the NDP get their acts together and gain some more breathing room.

  2. With harper and the conservatives in controlling parliament you can expect this country to go the way of America.

  3. Japan is going to take a real hit on this chart after that big quake. 🙁

  4. I use to live in France. Not sure i agree with some of those values. They are a bit low. If you want to get an idea of how good it is in France just watch Sicko.

  5. What’s odd is that France ranks so low on this list. I watched Sicko and you’d think the country was Shangrala or something.

  6. Slowly but surely the world is becomng more civilized. I remember watching a BBC program that showed a really cool composite 3D display showing how the world’s countries were advancing starting from the 15th century to present. Even the 3rd worlds are improving each year!

  7. So we are Number 2 in Education in the world. I highly doubt that. Most students don’t know much about our universe nor much about Biological Evolution.

    I honestly think people in Europe and the far East are better educated than here in the West. But then i haven’t been in school for a decade now.

  8. This is really fun to play with. I spend some time using it and there’s a lot to do on it. Thanks for the share!

  9. I’m sure every country has taken a hit this past year and would love to see this chart updated each month to reflect the hardships and changes in politics to a country (e.g. Egypt).

  10. Dummy me i couldnt get it to work until i realized it required javascript and i had it disabled. I was perplexed by everyone’s comments here.

  11. Canada ranks pretty well under every category. I am so proud of us! We may take crap from our friends south of the border but staying true to our heritage really shows how strong we are as a country!

  12. @drum master – But let’s not forget that their cost of living is much higher than it is here. So everything evens out.

  13. One interesting pattern is that as a population grows the % rate of homicides rises.

    This says to me that people find more differences as cities and space become more condensed. Very interesting.

  14. @ghostdad, i know what you mean. Did you see Luxembourg’s average income: $74K/year!

    Yes, they are getting nearly twice as much!

  15. Thanks for the link. I forwarded it to my family in Spain. They should get a hoot!

  16. It really is amazing that such small populations (Sweden, Switzerland, Finland) can rank so highly in almost every area compared to larger countries.

    I guess with a smaller population it is easier to listen to the crowd and do what they say.

    The size of Finland is smaller than the size of the city of Toronto!

  17. I’m moving to Finland. End of story! Have a good one suckers!

  18. I’m a teacher and it pains me to see so many countries suffering in the education area.

  19. Didn’t know the average income is a little over $42,000 here. I was actually expecting it to be a little higher.

  20. Go Canada! Ranked 7 is pretty amazing when you look through all those countries.

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