While the recent performance of the stock market may have been disappointing, the reality is that it has enjoyed a period of stunning growth. For example, the S&P 500 has risen by 3.5 times since its low during the financial crisis. And while this rate of growth may not be achievable in every year, its potential to deliver better returns than other mainstream assets appears to be high.

As such, the stock market could be the perfect means through which to invest for your children. In time, doing so could provide them with the foundation for a prosperous financial future.

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  1. You don't need to just look at RESPs to save for your children. There are other and what i personally think, better ways to invest. Such as a TFSA, opening a trust, opening a non-registered account (i can explain more since some of you will say woe but that can be taxed), lige insurance, and even pay out via corporate dividends (you'd want to incorporate).

    Far too many people think RESP is the only option when in fact there are better ones.

  2. Actually, the only issue with RESP is that they are not tax-deductible. It's very similar to RRSPs though.

  3. This is why everyone with a family should open an RESP early.

  4. Thank goodness i dont have any children. One less problem 😛

  5. Honestly, i do wonder if the reason the S&P is doing so well is because of stock buybacks now that Trump gave businesses and the rich a large tax cut. In short, it seems to me that the rise is more of an illusion than performance.

  6. What are the tax benefits?

  7. There's a good chance the economy might take a down turn this year due to the shinanigans of the republicans and so might be best to hold off on wild stock investment speculating at the moment.

  8. Seems a better investment to not have children. That way you have a higher return and better risk taking.

  9. My husband and I plan to have children in a few years but wondering if it's possible to begin investing for such a thing now or is that not allowed under the law?

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