Selling Stocks

There have been many negative developments that have taken place during the past year that might make it a dangerous time to invest — in anything. Tariffs, the threat of trade war, and NAFTA uncertainty are just examples of some of the issues that have come up within the past 12 months.

Most recently, Saudi Arabia is now also looking to sell off its Canadian assets in retaliation to remarks made by our foreign affairs minister. The problems have only gotten worse for the economic landscape not only in Canada, but around the world as well.  Read More…


  1. No way. It's a great time to keep buying in the stock market! I've done 100% ytd on several of my holdings. I have Amazon, Facebook, and several Canadian banks. Great year.

  2. It really depends. This year common returns are around 4%. So unless GICs or savings accounts are at least near that it makes more sense to keep investing in stocks.

  3. Step away? Why? I think the trade war with the USA is just smoke and mirrors and surely that isn't enough of a reason to walk away.

  4. Still on the fence on some of funds because of the somewhat stagnancy of the tsx. Any recommendations i should research?

  5. It does seem like markets are on a verge of a correction though. 2018 has been fantastic for the Indices. It's possible we can still stay in until 2019.

  6. From my experience it's always best to buy and hold. I find way too many people get uncertain way too easy and sell way too soon. Buy and hold, people!

  7. When markets have been doing this well for so long it is surely a sign of a bubble. Something to think about.

  8. Although TSX has been relatively flat or at least not that interesting, NASDAQ and S&P are still strong.

  9. A big correction is on the horizon for sure but i don't think its going to happen any time in 2018. It's been a solid year for returns. Maybe in late 2019 we might see the beginnings of the downturn. Until then, its all bull country!

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