I actually like what is going on in the markets right now as I believe there is a huge opportunity for us to make money over the long term. While many investors thing the stock market is sick, I’d say it is just another rough patch to ignore.

The good side of things is that our Canadian dollar is still pretty strong (fluctuating between $0.95 and $1.00 US) and the US stock market hasn’t recovered as it should have (keep reading to know why).

This should give you 2 great reasons to think about investing in the US stock market:

Our dollar is strong

The fact that our dollar is strong compared to US money is really good news. We presently benefit from the good reputation of our economy. This brings more foreign investors to invest in Canada (either in our stock market or via Canadian bonds, government and corporate). We also host several major players in the oil and gold industries. Since China and India are still very hungry for these resources, our Canadian dollar has remained at a higher level than usual. Read More…


  1. Ive been buying mostly us stocks for some time now taking advantage of this good fortune between our two nations. I havent turned a profit yet but still happy with the decision.

  2. LOL, China..our new overlords…well, at least US’s new overlords. They practically own the store and its employees now that the republicans have put a mess in things over the years.

  3. Not worth investing in the US Market when everything is in the dumps right now. Invest in China.

  4. Conversion rate is a bitch!

  5. If the $CAD is nearly on parity with the $USD then why is it when i go to shop around online there is still that gap where i need to pay more, as if the $CAD is still trading at 75 cents. what gives?

  6. What are you smoking? The loonie is NOT strong. Yes, compared to the US dollar it is holding well but the underlying numbers dont add up.

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