I hate to be the one to break it to you, but making a lot of money does not guarantee that you will have financial success. Of course, it could mean that you reach financial greatness. It is possible that you make enough money so that all of your dreams come true. Yes, making a lot of money can be a great thing…but only if you play your cards right.

Making a lot of money is not the sure thing that many people make it out to be. In fact, making lots of money could also mean that you end up broke, flat on your ass, and moving back in with your mom. Why?  Read More…


  1. Money isn’t everything. My life’s ambition is to just make us much as i need and be happy with it. If you spend your waking hours obsessing over money you will lose any chance of having a happy life.

  2. I have a sort of friend who loves to live beyond his means and when he goes shopping in the supermarket he will look for the most expensive food items for the sake that he thinks buying the most expensive means he is rich.

    That to me is messed up! I personally think it is an insecurity he has. I am the direct opposite and live very frugally.

  3. I think most people who visit here are more likely to be savers than spenders and so don’t reflect the average person.

  4. It’s not so much going broke as it is there rediculous motivation to no want to miss out on something they “think” they might want.

    When you read up on poor people who strike it rich quickly they end up wasting it away because since they didn’t have anything for so long they are overcompensating by buying so much.

  5. The problem i’ve found which the article correctly points out is that with most people as they earn more money they tend to spend it all. It’s really quite sad.

  6. The greatest thing we as Canadians can do is to have a manditory course in High School for all kids to study the importance of saving and investing. Without it, it is no wonder most people go broke.

  7. Here in Vancouver even when you make a lot of money you are still considered poor. Everything here is so damn expensive and there is nothing to do.

    I would rather live in Alberta where you even get yearly cheques for oil profits.

  8. This is why i rather play the lottery. You never know 😀 . That way even as a millionaire i won’t have any chance of spending it away — way too much.

  9. You can get a sense of the habits of people by seeing how they manage credit. Most consumers usually carry large debts on credit cards and end up not being able to pay it off in their life time.

    As the famous saying goes: Mo’ money, mo’ problems. One needs to learn to manage money before being giving the keys to have more.

  10. Everyone wants to be rich — by hook or by crook. The more we earn the more we ALL want to feel the spoils of our hard work.

    We only live once and like Kim Dotcom you can’t take it with you so spend it all now.

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