The disturbing, but very important, full documentary about the credit problem (and addiction) people have when using credit cards.  And the immoral, but very much legal, habits by the credit card issuers to lure people in to use and become addicted to credit beyond their means.  A must-see to become aware of this growing epidemic and hopefully take back control of your life.


  1. People should be banned from getting a credit card until they are at least 25 and working making a minimum salary. I am sure there have been parliamentary bills proposing such laws.

  2. I remember seeing this documentary some time back. Very eye-opening. I’ve had a few family members with credit debt and one actually fled the country for a period of time.

  3. Why do people take out cash advances? They are the absolute worst thing about a credit card. Interests rates are the highest for that part, you pay daily, their is not grace period, and its just plain silly to do such a thing. But people keep doing it, as if it is a bank machine.

  4. What baffles me more is seeing those who have less ability to pay back credit always willing to take more credit.

  5. I still don’t understand why people would use credit cards when everyone should just use their debit cards when possible. At least you only use the money you have, not what you don’t. Thats how i see things.

  6. You bring up an interesting point about companies and their setting up shop at campuses across the country. It’s much easier for them to recruit new students than anyone else since for kids it is usually their first time having a card and all kids are eagerly willing to begin spending on it. It is the most sure thing in annual profits for a credit company than anything else.

  7. When i was in college i was inundated with credit card applications and gifts for signing up. One of them was willing to advance me $1,000 signing bonus just to use their credit card. I ended up passing since that bonus was tied to my paying at a rate of 35% monthly if i failed to pay the minimum in just one month.

  8. New laws should be in place in the US and here in Canada to prevent such predatory lending. I mean seriously offering a mentally challenged individual a large credit line is just looking for a payday.

  9. We shouldn’t be villifying these companies for giving us credit. The problem is that people don’t have control. When they see something they just buy it on credit and worry about the consequences later. Give a medal to the companies for understanding human nature. And give a failing grade to the people for bad personal finance management.

  10. I really feel sorry for that woman crying.

  11. wow, some of these people committed suicide. Seriously, why are they spending more than they make and when the debt collectors come knocking they are confused by the whole ordeal?

  12. Addiction to credit cards has always been a problem no matter the country. I think it is very important for school to teach about debt in a serious manner so that when these students grow up they will know how to better handle their finances.

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