Nova Scotia’s regulatory agency begins hearings today on a proposal to build a biomass-fuelled power generation facility that would help move the province closer to its renewable energy targets.

Nova Scotia Power, a subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX: EMA.TO), and Newpage Port Hawkesbury Corp. want to burn 650,000 tonnes of wood a year to fire a steam generator.

They say it will produce about three per cent of the province’s total electricity needs.  Read More…


  1. Maybe i am missing something but why are we avoiding the most obvious solution such as new methods to use the sun’s energy.

    The solar cell is 50 years old and in desparate need of an update. Right now we are only seeing 30% efficency out of them.

  2. Uh, buring wood leads to polution. Kinda pointless since we are doing that already with oil.

  3. yea yea we’ve heard this before. I see this more as a get together to waste more tax payer money. Nothing will come of it. You’ll see.

  4. Well its about friggin’ time!

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