Occupy Toronto Takes to the Streets Again

As Occupy Canada protesters across the country spent a second day in tents set up in urban parks on Sunday, protesters in Toronto launched another march in the city’s downtown core and gathered at a central shopping area.

Members of the Toronto group who set up an encampment at St. James Park just east of the financial district, were on the move again, chanting, “Whose streets? Our Streets!” on their way to Yonge-Dundas Square, the CBC’s Natalie Kalata reported.

Police officers lined at least one entrance into the nearby Eaton Centre, Kalata said as protesters asked for other people to join them at the square for a rally. Shoppers came out of the mall to watch and some joined in.  Read More…


  1. Power to the people!I wonder why poltical group will be first to try to adopt this anger into their campaigns for 2012

  2. I really love this movement. I completely support there believes and motives. Keep going occupiers!

  3. Yea you’d think a political group such as the Democrats in the US would learn to listen to its constituents and pass real financial reform laws instead of playing good copy/bad cop with republicans so they can do what they both want which is to give big banks and the super rich everything. Now the people are so frustrated by the system they are protesting the entire system. It was bound to happen.

  4. I wonder why poltical group will be first to try to adopt this anger into their campaigns for 2012?

  5. I am blown away that this thing has spread from NY and now has become viral and has spread to so many other countries too!

  6. Love their spirit. Keep up the good fight!

  7. I work in downtown Toronto near Eaton Centre and i saw the protest the other day. It got so loud that our office had ot stop working for 5 mins to look out the windows.

  8. Until we can ban OTC derrivative trading out financial sector, and our economy will never be safe.

  9. Although Canada doesn’t suffer as badly in inequality and corporate greed as the US i can understand the anger and the protests here too.

  10. And here i was thinking of just taking a flight out to New York to join in the giant spectacle of Occupy Wall Street. Glad to see it is now becoming home grown too.

  11. I wish i could join. Not much happening in my city 🙁

  12. I joined the Occupy Canada protests this weekend. It started off small but is really becoming a giant movement.

  13. This is so going to explode into something very big. I can feel it. These protests are going bigger every day.

  14. Power to the people! If only Public Enemy were still making music today.

  15. Dont these people work? This is why our economy is in such bad shape.

  16. Wow this thing doesnt die! First Wall Street nad now this.

  17. Good for them! There are protests starting to be commonplace in my city too!

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