I was reading another site and saw that someone has written a book or is charging folks to learn how to make their personal finances automatic so in response to that, here are some simple ideas (for free (and thus worth every penny you paid for it)) to automate bill payment for your personal finances. I offer these ideas as a heuristic methodology, your mileage may vary, and with all personal finance you should make sure this fits into how you deal with your money.

Yesterday I outlined a simple way to make sure we follow one of the pillars of personal finance Pay Yourself First. This methodology is automatic, and hopefully helps folks to hide money away for a rainy day.

Today, we expand on this idea, and attempt to automate our bill payments as well.

How is this possible? Well you may ask that good reader, this heuristic is simplistic in it’s details, so please make sure you understand what the methodology outlines before trying to implement it.  Read More…


  1. I think it teaches the wrong lesson to say one should Pay Yourself First. I’ve always found solace in paying my responsibilities first (utilities bills, mortgages, etc). What’s left is for me. In todays time many people are not taking responsibility seirously.

  2. There are services online that can help monitor and make automagic payments to bills on a timely basis. Granted most are for American consumers but i am sure there is one or two for Canadians.

  3. Seriously how hard is it to pay bills?

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