Canadians paid out $5,230 for Stephen Harper’s phone bill last year and $2,295 in postage for Michael Ignatieff.

Those are some of the smaller expenses Canadians can browse online now that MPs expenses are posted in full.

In total, the prime minister’s expenses came to $281,255.67, compared to Ignatieff’s $570,984.10.

The expenses released are what each MP charges the House of Commons through their MPs expenses. Most of Harper’s expenses would be paid through the Prime Minister’s Office.

Among party leader’s, NDP Leader Jack Layton racked up the highest expense account despite being the leader of the smallest party. Layton billed taxpayers for $628,913.68, including $14,676 for his phone bill and $49,013 for “Ten percenters” — the campaign-style mailings that MPs are allowed to send out on the taxpayer dime to ridings held by political opponents.  Read More…


  1. Harper must go – give me a break, guess you can’t read.   Typical leftard uninformed response.

  2. Many of you seem to have not actually looked at the numbers. I find it amazing that the “man of the people” Layton spends $629k of taxpayers money and most posts are about the conservatives. Let’s not forget that He is the PM and has real expenses on the world stage. To come in last in spending of the party leaders even if you back out the “10 percenters” from the others seems a plus too me.

  3. Call the cops! Oh wait, they are the cops. I guess it’s ok then?

  4. Certainly is demotivating. I know there will always be a certain level of corruption since it is politics but this is just sad.

  5. And this is why some of us didnt want him re-elected. Ughh!

  6. Remind me again who works for who? Seems he thinks he is a celebrity.

  7. Woohoo! I can’t wait to do my 2010 taxes so Harper can go on another all-paid trip for two with his mistress.

  8. Oh what a surprise!

  9. ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’ can’t be more true than here.

  10. No party is innocent. But it does seem to be consistent with MPs.

  11. Geezus! I’m paying my taxes and it is being used for $281K in personal expenses.

    Now i’m pissed!

  12. Is anyone really surprised?

  13. What is with these conservatives? They claim to be for the people but it always shows they are only about themselves.

  14. And yet another reason why Harper must go.

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