Questrade Fees

Questrade has the lowest fees in Canada. Buy/Sell stocks at 1 ¢/share (min $4.95 to max $9.95), and buy ETFs for free.

There are no account opening or closing fees, nor hidden fees.  Active traders get better pricing and fee rebates.  While managed pre-built ETF portfolios start at 0.20% management fees.

Further, Questrade will pay your transfer-out fees from other brokerages for free (up to $150).

Now, what follows are several tables breaking down all of Questrade’s fees.

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Administrative Fees


Here is a list of Questrade’s general account related fees.

Account Fees
Open an accountFREE
Close an accountFREE
Partial Plan Deregistration (e.g., RRSP)$50.00
Full Plan Deregistration (e.g., RRSP)$100.00
Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) & Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) Partial Deregistration$25.00
Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) & Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) Full Deregistration$50.00
Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC) Fee$250 + $100/year
Trading U.S.D. in RESP$5 USD on 1st trade

Questrade Offer Code

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Transfers & Withdrawals

When performing a transfer in or out of your Questrade account, here is a list of the fees you could incur.

Transfers & Withdrawal Fees
Electronic Fund Transfers (CAD$) up to $50,000FREE
Electronic Fund Transfers (USD$) up to $25,000FREE
Wire Transfer (CAD$)$20.00
Wire Transfer (USD$)$30.00
Wire Transfer (International)$40.00
Uncertified Cheque$50.00
Certified Cheque$75.00
Stop Payment$25.00
NSF Cheque/Returned Items$30.00
Transfer Out Account To Different Brokerage$150.00
Partial Account Transfer To Different Brokerage$25.00
Estate Settlement$200/account


For certificate related fees, here are what Questrade charges.

Certificate Fees
Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian$300
Certificate Re-Registration$300
Rush certificate Re-Registration$450
Certificate Deposit (CSE, TSX, TSXV, NYSE, NASDAQ)$300
Rush Certificate Deposit (CSE, TSX, TSXV, NYSE, NASDAQ)$400
Direct Registration Statement$300


In regards to documents, Questrade may charge a fee.  Here is a list of those fees.

Document Fees
Printed Trade Confirmation$20.00
Printed Account Statement$20.00
Document Retrieval$20.00
Special Courier (Canada)$35.00
Special Courier (US)$70.00
Regular Mail$10.00

Self-Directed Investing Fees

For those with self-directed accounts, here is a list of the fees for the varying products/services offered at Questrade.

Self Investing Fees
Stocks1¢ per share: $4.95 min, $9.95 max – Active @ 1¢/min, $6.95 max
ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)Free (No commission charge)
Mutual Funds$9.95/online. Offline add an additional $45 for trader fee
Options$9.95/trade + $1/contract – Active @ $4.95/trade + 75¢/contract
Managed Investing (Questwealth)Cost varies – 0.20% to 0.25% (minimum of $1,000 in assets)
Canadian IPOsFree – minimum order size of $5,000
International StocksCost is 1% of trade value (minimum charge of $195)
Precious Metals$19.95 USD/trade
Forex TradingCost is integrated in the pip spread @ minimum 0.8 pips
Bonds/CNSX Securities/GICsFree (No commission charge) – minimum order size of $5,000
Debenture Trading$30/trade

Market Data Package Fees

Market data packages allow for Level 1 and Level 2 stock content streaming from all major North American exchanges on all Questrade trading platforms.

The Basic package is freely available on every trading platform and offers unlimited snap quotes, which is to say it offers one-click real-time data.  The other packages are also in real-time but do not require clicking.

Package Fees
BasicFree – Level 1 Snap Quotes
Enhanced$19.95/month – Level 1 Live
Advanced (US)$89.95 USD/month – U.S. Level 1 & 2 Live
Advanced (CA)$89.95 CAD/month – Canadian Level 1 & 2 Live

All listed prices are fully rebatable after a certain amount of trading commissions have been spent; Enhanced is fully rebatable after $48.95; Advanced after $399.95.

Managed Investing Fees

Although there are no trading or trailing commission fees connected to managed accounts, an annual management fee does exist and it varies based on your existing total account asset value. It is charged proportionally on a quarterly basis.

Managed Fees
Your Total AssetsAnnual Fee
Less than $1,000No Fee
$1,000 – $99,9990.25%

Interest Rate Fees

When you buy securities on margin you’ll eventually have to pay back the principal plus interest.  The interest rate depends on how large of a loan you have.  Interest begins accruing when you owe at least $1.00 for the month.

On the other hand, if you hold a cash balance Questrade is obligated to pay you interest.  You begin earning interest for non-registered accounts at balances of at least $10.00 for the month.  While registered accounts will begin earning interest for cash balances starting at $0.01 for the month.

Interest is calculated daily and charged or credited to your account midway through the following month.

Debit (You Pay Questrade)

Here is a list of the interest fees charged to you when borrowing on margin within your Questrade account.

Debit Interest Fees
Accountup to $100,000$100,000+
CAD Non-RegisteredCAD Prime + 3.50%CAD Prime + 2.50%
CAD Registered (e.g., RRSP, TFSA)CAD Prime + 8.10%CAD Prime + 8.10%
USD Non-registeredUSD Prime + 3.50%USD Prime + 2.50%
US Registered (e.g., RRSP, TFSA)USD Prime + 8.10%USD Prime + 8.10%

Credit (Questrade Pays You)

When holding a large some of cash in your Questrade account, here are the rates that they use when determining the interest you earn.

Credit Interest Fees
Accountup to $250,000$250,000+
CAD Non-RegisteredCAD Prime – 4.50%CAD Prime – 4.00%
CAD Registered (e.g., RRSP, TFSA)CAD Prime – 4.50%CAD Prime – 4.50%
USD Non-registeredUSD Prime – 5.25%USD Prime – 4.75%
US Registered (e.g., RRSP, TFSA)USD Prime – 6.00%USD Prime – 6.00%

Exchange Fees

Along with a trade commission charge you may also get charged with an Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) fee or Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) fee.  ECN fees don’t occur on every trade.

Adding Liquidity

Adding liquidity to the market happens when you buy on the bid and sell on the ask.  Check the table below to determine if a fee applies to you.

Add Liquidity Fees
ECNFee ($/share)

Removing Liquidity

Removing liquidity from the market happens when you buy on the ask and sell on the bid.  You are more likely to get charged an ECN fee when this happens.  Use the table below to see if and what that fee could be.

Remove Liquidity Fees
ECNFee ($/share)
TSX, TSX Venture, CSE – $1.00 and above$0.0035
TSX, TSX Venture – $0.99 and below$0.0008
CSE – $0.99 and below$0.0012
INET (NSDQ)$0.003


For all U.S. security sales on an American exchange the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) collect a fee. This fee is calculated at 0.000013 x the value of your trade.

Non-Marketable (Odd/Mixed Lot) Orders

If you do an odd/mixed lot order trade — an order not in a multiple of 100 shares — you may get charged an ECN fee. An order of 100, 200, etc shares is a standard/round lot and will not get charged an ECN fee.

Inactivity Fee

Questrade does not charge an inactivity fee on any type of account.

Other Fees

Notes & Debentures

When purchasing notes and debentures there is a charge of $0.10 per $1,000 par value for each side.  On the CSE there is a minimum $1.00 charge per side.

Non-DTC Eligible Securities

There is a fee of $450.00 for settlements on eligible non-DTC (Depository Trust Company) securities.

Special Request

A list of special case Questrade fees you may get charged.

Special Fees
Precious Metals Gold Storage Fee0.50% of Market Value
Precious Metals Silver Storage Fee0.50% of Market Value
Precious Metals Storage Fee (Separated)1.50% of Market Value
Precious Metals Withdrawal Fee$75.00
Research Request$75/hour
Private Placement Request$175/trade
Unclaimed Property$29.95/quarter
Private Investment Transactions$75.00 each
Private Investment Quarterly Physical Holding$24.95
Private Investment Quarterly Physical Holding (Additional Accounts)$12.50
Private Investment One-Time Product Onboarding Fee$250.00


A list of Questrade fees targeted at warrant investments.

Warrant Fees
Adding LiquidityFREE
Removing Liquidity (All Exchanges except CSE)0.025% of value per fill (min $0.50, max $50)
CSE Securities (min $1.00)$0.0035/unit