$50 + $10,0000 Managed Questrade Offer Code (Exclusive Offer)

$10,000 Questrade Promotion Code


Questrade is offering new clients up to $200 in value of commission-free trades with a transfer fee rebate when opening a new online trading account with our exclusive Questrade promo code: CANADA

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As an exclusive promotion offered by CanadianProfiteer.com, this is the best deal for individuals (and businesses) when opening an account at Questrade using offer code: Canada

Questrade Offer Code Steps
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Note: You will be redirected to the Questrade website. On the site, click the “Open An Account” button.

Questrade Offer Code Benefits

This exclusive offer has several benefits. You get $50 in commission-free bonus when opening a Self-Directed account, or $10,000 managed-free for a year when opening a Questwealth account.

Transferring from another brokerage? This offer code will also cover your transfer-out fees for free, up to $150.

How To Claim This Offer

Questrade Promotion Input Box
Questrade Sign Up Page

Using this offer code is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click the “Claim This Promotion Now” button, shown above, and sign up for a new account. Your exclusive code will automatically be applied for you.

Alternatively, during the sign up process at Questrade, click the “Add Offer Code” link found on the page and, within the input box, type the special Questrade offer code: Canada

Questrade Offer Code (Promo Code)Canada
Minimum deposit requirement$1,000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for this Questrade offer code?

This exclusive promotion is open to anyone creating a new Questrade account. It is valid only for the first account you open, and you must not have previously opened an account at Questrade.

What Questrade accounts are eligible for this promotion?

All Questrade self-directed and managed Questwealth Portfolio investment accounts are eligible for this offer. This offer applies to equity trades and option tickets (excluding the cost of contracts) and does not apply to gold trades, mutual fund trades, or foreign exchange (FX) Trades.

How does this Questrade commission credit bonus work?

This depends on which type of account you opened. Let’s start with a self-directed account. Once signed up for a Questrade account using this Questrade offer code for a self-directed account you will have $50 in eligible trade commissions rebated to your account. This means that although commissions will first be deducted at the time of your transactions, a credit for them will be applied automatically within three (3) business days following the execution of your trades.

For a Questwealth managed account, once you’ve signed up and made the minimum $1,000 initial deposit, then all managed fees associated with your account will be waived for a full year. It’s as easy as that!

Why is this deal not listed on the Questrade website?

This is an exclusive offer made possible between Questrade.com and CanadianProfiteer.com. As you sign up for a trading account with the official Questrade offer code: Canada you will be provided the terms and condition details for this offer.

Terms and Conditions

Here is the official promotional terms and conditions for the exclusive Questrade offer code: Canada