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Raw Video: G20 Protests Heat Up!

Reports say black-clad demonstrators broke off from a crowd of peaceful protesters at the G20 summit in Toronto, torching a police cruiser in the financial district and smashing windows with baseball bats and hammers.

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  1. Anthony Harney says:

    Caught MSNBC about this mess. You’d think they could have held this thing in a more remote location where these protestors would have been less of a concern.

  2. Floyd Mather says:

    There was more footage later in the day where the black cloated protestors left the scene and regular protestors occupied and pretty much took ownership of the destroyed vehicle.

  3. Jaidyn Sleigh says:

    Something that was meant to be peaceful has turned violent. What is gained by destroying public property (a police cruiser) is beyond me.

  4. Kent Limppo says:

    OMG i was there when it happened! It was crazy but totally justified!

  5. Vale says:

    Call it what you will but there is reason for the madness. G20 is a farce and the anger is just going to get more hostile in the coming days.

  6. Raekwon says:

    Shame on you for saying you wish you were one of those protestors when it was suppose to be a peaceful demonstrtion that now has become violent.

  7. Franklin Roland says:

    The only thing i have to say is that i wish i was one of those protestors.

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