If you are interested in  getting your credit reports for free then look no further.  All you need to do is contact TransUnion and Equifax (the two authorities in Canada responsible for credit reports) in the following ways: TransUnion: Free Report via Mail or Fax Fax: 905-527-0401 Voice: 800-663-9980 MAIL:Continue Reading

Credit scores have become a major metric in our lives; if you are getting a car loan, mortgage or even applying for a job your credit score will have a significant impact on the decision. I believe everyone should check their credit reports on a regular basis, semi annually orContinue Reading

At some point in our lives we all have some sort of debt; student loans, mortgages and car financing are the most common types of debt we carry. Everyone seems to have his or her own opinions about debt and debt management; however there are a few myths about debtContinue Reading