Many Canadian parents pay a hefty portion of students’ tuition fees, even if it means sacrificing their financial stability, to help their children avoid a post-graduation life burdened by tens of thousands of dollars of student debt. Ross Campbell, a 56-year-old financial planner, and his wife knew they wanted to helpContinue Reading

Ever notice how sometimes when you go shopping for one thing, you end up bringing home four or five other things? How many times have you heard, “I only came in for…” at the check-out? Stanford University did some studies about how shopping can lead to more shopping. It seemsContinue Reading

Debt and prosperity

Canadian now owe almost two-thirds more in debt than they use, or have available, for available income according to Statistics Canada.  For 2012, the rise in debt was higher in every category with mortgage and consumer debt surpassing a combined $1.6 trillion. As Canadians continue to enjoy spending without restraintContinue Reading

A poll of post-secondary students who borrow to pay for their education suggests 58 per cent expect to graduate with close to $20,000 in debt while another 21 per cent expect to owe more than $40,000, the Bank of Montreal said Friday. The poll done for BMO done last monthContinue Reading

Feelings of financial insecurity could overwhelm the Christmas giving spirit, making Canadians less likely to splurge on holiday shopping this season, according to a survey released Tuesday by Deloitte Canada. With a growing number of respondents pessimistic about the economy and more people choosing to pay down their debts, holidayContinue Reading