A seven year classroom study followed by an analysis of Court of Appeal cases  by a B.C. professor found that women typically get from 1.5 to 1.7 months less compensation in wrongful dismissal cases than men, whether settlements are negotiated or cases are litigated. Although at first blush it mayContinue Reading

A new report from The Conference Board of Canada suggests job seekers may be in for a tough time in the next few months. The Ottawa-based economic research group said Friday its monthly help-wanted index survey suggests hiring prospects will be poor, falling in 17 of 26 metropolitan areas itContinue Reading

There are five major  reasons employees don’t save for retirement, according to a Buck Consultants brief released Thursday.  As cited by Pensions World in February of this year (see Pensions Provision: Why save for retirement) they are: 1.) A fatalistic belief in the possibility of dying tomorrow 2.) An assumptionContinue Reading

As the ranks of self employed Canadians increases, there is a growing problem of employment insurance coverage.  What is the problem?  Self employed business owners previously were not eligible for employment insurance coverage.  As it’s especially applicable to the female entrepreneurs, business income could dry up quickly while on maternityContinue Reading