Precious metals

With the stock markets fraught with uncertainty, investors are worried about what could happen to their portfolios if the markets tumble. An offbeat way to reduce your portfolio risk is to consider precious metals stocks. Precious metals stocks can be volatile as their fortunes are linked directly to the pricesContinue Reading

A great deal of investment analysts’ time is spent trying to predict the future. How will the new iPhone sell? How many new automobiles will be sold in Europe next year?  What will next week’s employment numbers look like? Who will win the next election? And what will the FedContinue Reading

First, it’s necessary to decide how you want to deal with these precious metals. (I’m adding silver into the discussion, though other metals, like platinum and copper, are also significant.) People have been using them for coinage and ornamental purposes for thousands of years; early civilizations like the Sumerians andContinue Reading

It was as if gold was taking a lesson from Bitcoin the day before, and for once you couldn’t blame North Korea. On Thursday, the electronic currency plummeted to about $50 after hitting a Wednesday high of about $260. “What did they think?” chuckled someone at a business news meetingContinue Reading