You’re doing your holiday shopping in the midst of those distracting sales and crowds. You’re checking your gift lists (twice!) and your budget. You’re juggling bags and boxes. And you’re paying little attention to your purse or wallet. These are the moments when identity thieves will strike. “Pickpocketing can happenContinue Reading

As summer approaches many of us wish we’d started saving a lot earlier for a summer holiday.  Even so this doesn’t mean you can’t get away. You might not get three weeks in the south of France, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can put togetherContinue Reading

Sam Bornstein paid a penalty for his delay in using a Christmas gift he’d received in December 2009. His $50 prepaid MyTreat Visa card was refused as payment for a $48.08 purchase at a Boxing Day sale last weekend. What happened? The card’s $2 monthly maintenance fee, which kicked inContinue Reading