Fiona Law looked at a raft of traditional group insurance plans while looking to provide health and dental benefits for her staff at Calgary-based CompuTouch. Her business, which uses technology to support interactive meetings and conferences, has just three full-time employees. So she wanted something that was easy to setContinue Reading

In mid-January, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced new mortgage rules that would be put in place to help stop rising debt levels among Canadians, and to keep another mortgage meltdown from occurring. These rules, three of them in total, are another measure the government has put in place to tightenContinue Reading

As the ranks of self employed Canadians increases, there is a growing problem of employment insurance coverage.  What is the problem?  Self employed business owners previously were not eligible for employment insurance coverage.  As it’s especially applicable to the female entrepreneurs, business income could dry up quickly while on maternityContinue Reading