Economy worry

We are generally very optimistic investors. And why not? We have, in 30 years of investing, seen nearly every crisis and market panic possible, and still markets are at record highs. We have no particular worries about current equity market conditions. However, that in no way means an investor shouldContinue Reading

For US homeowners, mortgage interest is automatically tax deductible. But for Canadians, the write-off is not so straightforward. In order to make your mortgage interest tax deductible, homeowners must be able to prove that the money is being reinvested and is not being used for personal expenses. A properly structuredContinue Reading

In response to new government regulations on credit cards, credit card companies are changing their minimum payment rules and their interest rates. In general both are going up. I don’t have many credit cards and only use one regularly, but my rarely-used Sears card is the first one to sendContinue Reading