growth and income investing

While it may not be the most popular investing strategy for those looking to earn a quick return, a buy and hold strategy is what’s helped Warren Buffett become one of the wealthiest people on the planet. Over the long term, stocks generally appreciate in value, and you’re more oftenContinue Reading

One of the fascinating things about the market is that, no matter how long you invest, or how much you think you know, there can always be new lessons learned. For a lot of investors, losing money — unfortunately — is often the cost of tuition for these market lessons.Continue Reading

Investors, it seems, are always looking for the “next great thing.” Since individual stocks are so hard to pick, though, some investors look for investment “themes” instead. They figure if they can latch onto an emerging or hot trend, then it matters less what stock they actually buy within thatContinue Reading

Cryptocurrency and blockchains

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you likely are familiar with the term: Bitcoin.  However, for those unfamiliar, Bitcoin is a digital currency which acts very much like paper money which can be used to purchase goods or even exchanged for real paper currencyContinue Reading

The Problem As a 59-year-old training administrator for a mining company, Heather is a member of her company’s defined contribution pension plan. She’s also mortgage-free. But in 2008 she suffered a 40% loss in her stock portfolio and has since slowly sold off all her high-fee mutual funds, putting herContinue Reading

We’ve all heard the complaints that investment management fees are too high, but what’s missing from the debate is whether those fees represent good value for the money. The value of something requires, by definition, that it have usefulness or merit to an individual, either because she sees it asContinue Reading