The financial situation of 2008-09 was the kind of disaster that instilled in a lot of people serious jitters, whether they were lifelong investors or simply beginners. Many still have deep fears of the market crashing. But there are far more concrete things to worry about financially. Inflation “There areContinue Reading

Canada has always had to play second fiddle to our neighbours to the south. The Great White North just never seems to get the respect it deserves, whether it’s the frequent lag in products arriving on our soil, the border, tax and currency concerns among athletes and entertainers, and, ofContinue Reading

From Black Monday, Oct. 19, 1987, to the September 2008 crash caused by U.S. financials’ exposure to toxic subprime loans and credit default swaps, it’s no wonder that, when autumn nears, so do investors’ fears of stock-market routs. During the 2008 collapse, which was the last major market crash aside fromContinue Reading

Due diligence in investments, which involves both quantitative and qualitative work, is similar to security checks in air travel in the sense that how much work is done, and the attention with which it is executed can make the difference between getting on something well-conceived and well-run and something potentiallyContinue Reading

The threat of rising interest rates slammed the real estate investment trust sector in 2013. For 2014, with that threat still there, it may be time to get selective when it comes to your REIT picks because double-digit returns are going to become more difficult to achieve. “We believe theContinue Reading