Canada goose investor

Dear Fellow Fools, Ah, the “IPO”. I wonder how many of us had even heard of such a thing prior to the late ‘90’s when tech IPOs were trumpeted by daily headlines and provided 1,000% opening day moves (based on loose recollection, perhaps a slight exaggeration). The initials stand forContinue Reading

More amendments to the way investment dealers and advisers deal with their clients are coming in July and firms are very worried. The new initiatives — part of the Client Relationship Model — Phase 2, or CRM2, initiative — are meant to show clients how much money in fees theyContinue Reading

The historic initial public offering of Facebook Inc did not go as planned on Friday, as the social networking company’s sky-high valuation combined with trading glitches left the stock languishing near its offering price at the market close. Facebook shares began trading late Friday morning and opened 11 percent aboveContinue Reading