The financial situation of 2008-09 was the kind of disaster that instilled in a lot of people serious jitters, whether they were lifelong investors or simply beginners. Many still have deep fears of the market crashing. But there are far more concrete things to worry about financially. Inflation “There areContinue Reading

Younger homebuyers don’t want to max out on their mortgage payments, according to a recent TD survey. Could it be that Gen Xers have learned a few lessons from older home owners who qualify as house poor? The survey found that Gen X Canadians overwhelmingly consider themselves “house plus” buyersContinue Reading

Judging by the barrage of Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) information you would think making a contribution before the March 3rd deadline is a slam dunk no matter who you are. The truth is; it doesn’t make sense for a lot of people – especially if you’re young. In mostContinue Reading