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Economy will be Focus of Fall Session

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed Conservative MPs in Ottawa Thursday and stuck entirely to the subject of the economy, sounding more positive notes than he has recently. The Conservative caucus is meeting to get ready for the new session of Parliament that starts Sept. 19. The government’s first priority is economic growth, Harper said, noting […]


Canada Opposes Palestinian Bid for Statehood

Canada is rejecting a Palestinian effort to win recognition at the United Nations as an independent state. The move is not surprising given that the Harper government has forcefully highlighted its loyalty to Israel and the United States. Both oppose the Palestinian initiative. The Palestinian Authority, which controls most of the West Bank, launched a […]

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Canada Post Promises Mail Delivery

Canadian homes and businesses will start receiving mail again Tuesday now that legislation forcing 48,000 locked-out postal workers back to their jobs has become law, Canada Post says. Post offices that were closed during the labour dispute will start to reopen Tuesday as well, while mailboxes will be unsealed starting Monday, the Crown corporation said. […]


Harper Majority May Be One-Hit Wonder

The majority government won by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday could be his one and only, according to a focus group of Canadian voters. A collection of factors allowed for the Conservatives to decisively win 167 seats in the spring election that saw the Bloc Québécois virtually wiped off the map and the Liberals […]


Public gets a view into MP expenses

Canadians paid out $5,230 for Stephen Harper’s phone bill last year and $2,295 in postage for Michael Ignatieff. Those are some of the smaller expenses Canadians can browse online now that MPs expenses are posted in full. In total, the prime minister’s expenses came to $281,255.67, compared to Ignatieff’s $570,984.10. The expenses released are what […]


Politicians Playing With Guns

The debate over the controversial long-gun registry may well have become — for voters anyway — a symbolic battle to decide who rules the roost. For politicians, it’s nothing more than a game of chess to steal seats. And According to Kathy Brock, an associate political studies professor at Queen’s University, it’s shaping up to […]